“An artist is plural not only because he is inside a creative group. He is one who develops his attention to the involvement of, and dialogue with, the public. This dialogue is never foregone; it’s often unpredictable and implies a powerful and conflictual practice because it means giving space to other within themselves”. [Paolo Rosa e Andrea Balzola, L’Arte fuori di sè, 2011]

My new media art works and projects (workshops, exhibitions, festivals) are dedicated to the social innovation field, and explore the connection between different artistic languages: from theatre to cinema, from visual arts to photography, from music to the latest generation of new media arts.  My aesthetic practice deals with the language’s limits, in particular the language which arises from the conscious interaction between people, spaces and imagery.  My goal is to generate affect and empathy through the facilitation of an interactive dialogue between an art work/event and its spect-actors.
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