New Media Artist and STEAM expert  

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2015 MA Film, Television and Multimedia production Roma Tre University (Italy) [Thesis From the origins of video art to the digital revolution. Memory, education and art in the critical and historical review Programs in place between United Kingdom and Italy, an international research project dedicated to REWIND/REWINDItalia]

2010 MA Multimedia and Interactive Art and Design Accademia di Belle Arti BRERA  (Milan, Italy) [Thesis: Language, nervous system and new technologies: the limit between real and virtual. the living memory archive]

2007 MASTER Digital Environment Design NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milan, Italy)

2005 BA D.A.M.S. Disciplines of Arts, Music and Entertainment [spec. Theatre Director and Coordinator] Roma Tre University (Italy) [Thesis: Ida Gerosa: figurative art, performance and computer art]

Exhibitions and festivals
2016 LuminousBees (communication project manager/art co-director: Smart Cup Liguria/Start Cup Unige 2016 & Reimaginedrone Incubator Barcelona)
2015 Open Innovation Lab: ORBAS project (collaborator)                                                                                                                                                  2015 JHB Archive: 23/1961 or 28/1961 exhibition: The Phantom of the JHB’s sculpture #LivingArchive (author)                          2015 Maker Monday: Living Archive (author, group leader, interaction design)
2014/2015 BE Festival: european theatre and performance festival (visual art staff)                   
2013 Lo Spiraglio
:  mental health film festival Dolphin Girls_exit strategy (author)
2012 Filmmaker: independent film festival since 1980 Dolphin Girls_exit strategy (author)
2010 Senso Plurimo: personal exhibition curated by M. Giannandrea (author)

2010 Robot Festival: Watertouch of Xtend3dLab (curator with StreamFest)                                                                                                           2010 StreamFest: eco-digital and audiovisual experimentations festival collective exhibition (curator)                                         2010 Node Fest: itinerant electronic and digital arts festival collective exhibition(curator)
2010 MemeFest: socially responsive communication friendly competition
2009 Festival del Cinema indipendente di Foggia: independent film festial of Foggia
Lo specchio_Laboratorio intermediale(author)
2009 StreamFest: eco-digital and audiovisual experimentations festival Wet and dry: collective exhibition(curator), Nduma nu ciru (author)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               2009 Node Fest: itinerant electronic and digital arts festival collective exhibition(curator)                                                                                         2008 Toshare: Piemonte Share festival V.I.P. Virtual Identity Process (author with Extend3dLab)                                                                               2008 Electrowave/Italian Wave V.I.P. Virtual Identity Process author withExtend3dLab)                                                                                                 2008 World Design Capital Torino Mobile Archive with Ghigos Ideas  (concept and communication)                                                       2007  Node Fest: itinerant electronic and digital arts festival Toilet (author)

Social multimedia art

2011/12 Twinning Brera-Mapp in collaboration with the Fine Art Academy of Brera, Mapp_Museo d’arte Paolo Pini (Art Museum Paolo Pini) and Hospital NiguardaCa’ Granda of Milan ( teaching assistant, author and coordinator)
2011 PBM Pooglia Beat Making electronic music contest for apulian producers  [Public Call Award Principi Attivi 2010] (project, event and communication manager)
2008/13 Dolphins Company at Therapeutic Community for adolescent “I Delfini” (The Dolphins) and Hospital NiguardaCa’ Granda of Milan (author, curator and project manager)

Social theatre

2003/04 ARTESTUDIO with Riccardo Vannuccini: The Tragedy of the Dutchesse of Malfy   with students from Rome Three University;  Scene di battaglia (Battle scenes) with teens from EtaBeta in Viterbo, Italy; A room in the tower with people of Corviale Square in Rome; Correnti (Streams) with people from the Prison Rebibbia in Rome (first actress and director assistant)

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